Behavior judgment criteria

You are to research your chosen issue and then draft an essay arguing in
> support of your main claim about that issue, providing background
> information to give your readers context for the issue (including current
> information that reveals the ongoing course of the debate on the issue),
> developing supporting assertions for your claim, and acknowledging and
> countering other viewpoints. Once you have written a rough draft of your
> argument, substantiate your argument by incorporating and citing support
> for your assertions from source material. [There are helpful worksheets for
> various stages in the research and writing processes on p. 346-8, 352 and
> 354-5, as well as *important suggestions for incorporating source material
> into your draft* on p. 361-2.]
> Argue your case as authoritatively as you can within the time and length
> constraints of the assignment.
> Develop a persuasive argument, avoiding fallacies and seeking common ground
> with your audience by utilizing various types of proof. ** N.B.: You may
> not write about any of the following subjects: abortion, gun control/gun
> rights, legalization of drugs, capital punishment, school uniforms, or
> religious issues.*
> Sources may include periodicals, books, specialized encyclopedias,
> interviews, lectures, internet articles, etc., *but may not include general
> encyclopedias (including Wikipedia).*You must provide functional links to
> internet articles that you reference in your paper, and all articles must
> be from *reputable* sources. This paper is *20%* of your semester grade.
> *Your essay must*
>  be 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages) but otherwise follow above format
> instructions,
>  use MLA format for in-text parenthetical references and WORKS CITED list,
>  cite *at least six* sources (including one article from the Reader, if you
> wish) and
>  use a *variety* of sources.



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One man’s trash is another man’s fortune. Upon giving serious thought to this statement the question of rationality and irrationality arises. The individual who considered something let’s say empty plastic bottles as trash would clearly disregard the though t that this plastic is actually worth a lot to somebody else. The question of irrationality actually depends on one’s mode of thinking and how accommodative one is to understand other people’s perspectives. Under most circumstances most individuals are hast at making conclusions and if what they see, hear or read does not make sense they regard it as irrational…

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