The Benton State University Language Policy Case

The Benton State University Language Policy Case

Case study, 5 pages,

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Case brief:


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However, here is the comments from my tutor, please pay attention for this
case study

this was a good general approach to race on college campuses, but it did
not focus specifically on UMB. There were a number of statements made about
the UMB case that were inaccurate. Oftentimes, these inaccurate statements
were sourced from an outside citation. For a case study, you first focus on
highlighting the important facts of the case present – a summary of the
case. Then you look at what was present before the case (i.e. CPCS’s move
onto campus). Then any additional questions that you think would be
helpful. Then you suggest actions the administration can take – this is
where most of your source citations should be as you support your
recommended actions with research
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Pls pay attention for his case study 🙏🏻🙏🏻

refs and cite where applicable


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Benton State University, just like other institution of higher learning in the United States is experiencing an increase in multiculturalism. The change is becoming evident through the proliferation of cases involving people speaking many languages apart from English, people complaining about being locked out conversations and other effects of using different languages in the same environment. The multilingualism in the university is becoming a problem rather than a blessing because no policy endorses the use of many languages. The Board of Regents has therefore conducted its research and come up with a proposal of a plan that requires the institution to be a multilingual organization for fairness. However, there are mixed reactions to the new change and. Therefore, the Benton University Regents decided to implemented multilingualism to bridge the language gap……..

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