Compare and contrast one assigned work with a performed version of its story–film, play, opera, etc. Make an argument about the performed adaptation.



Final Project Instructions: Develop a project/presentation that somehow critically engages an assigned reading from the course. This may be a traditional argumentative essay, or it may involve other sorts of projects/presentations (PowerPoint, short film, graphic project, etc.). Projects must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be in MLA essay format and use MLA style citations
  2. Include an MLA works cited list (the work inspiring the project should also be listed there)
  3. Focus on a work that was assigned during the course
  4. Use at least 2 peer reviewed sources that you located using the Online Library’s databases
  5. Be 800-1000 words long
  6. Be introduced by an “author’s note” that explains what the project is, what your goal were, and why you decided to do this project
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