best football teams in the Middle East

best football teams in the Middle East

2hrs  please. No writing format, Just block

Am looking for professorial blog writer who can write 500 max words A blog post about the best football teams in the Middle East in less than 3 hours.
Which are the Top 20 Middle Eastern (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, etc) football (soccer) teams and related stats supporting the assertions made e.g. number of continental trophies won, domestic trophies won, fan base, etc. The article must have at least 5 pictures of the football teams chosen.

The blog post should be max 500 words









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The following includes top 20 Middle Eastern soccer teams.

  1. The Carthage Eagles of Tunisia have won the African cup of Nations in 2004 and became the 1978 the first African side to win a World Cup match, beating Mexico 3–1 in 1978.

  1. The Egyptian National Team has had 7 wins in the African cup of nations making the team a record holder of most African cup wins making.

total word count: 560

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