Billing in Healthcare

Billing in Healthcare

This week your journal should focus on the following points:

  • The way bills are submitted to patients and third party payers
  • How payment is noted
  • How expenses are written off
  • How the points above relate to the allowances in the budget

Your submission will be graded using the criteria found in the HCA480 course syllabus as well as proper grammar mechanics. Please make sure you proofread your file in addition to running spell check before submitting.

Your journal assignment must be a minimum of one page. Please record all journaling observations in a Word file and upload using the directions below

This is for opthalmology practice. 

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It is very important to collect all the money owed to the healthcare facilities for their services. However, due to the changes in the laws and the complexity of patient visits, it has become increasingly hard to collect all the owed amounts, and therefore proper billing processes have to be followed to optimize billing processes both to third-party payers and to patients.

The first step of billing patients and their third-party payers is to check the patients in when they book appointments and visit. The check-in process involves taking details of the patient and their payers. It is also essential to confirm whether the payers cover the operations or services that the patients seek to inform them in advance (Chapman, Kern & Laguecir, 2014). After the responsibility of the payer is confirmed, the patients are treated before they check out. During checkout, the services and other details are put into their medical record……….

 APA 475 words

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