In this discussion, you will explore and experiment with blogging as a medium for sharing business concepts

Blogging and Business Communication

Unit 3: Discussion 2 – Blogging and Business Communication
In this discussion, you will explore and experiment with blogging as a medium for sharing business concepts. You will review and analyze the seven key points for using social media in business communication through the development of a blog post.

Respond to the topics listed below while keeping the requirements in mind.

See Assignments and Grading for general discussion requirements.
First post due 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.
Respond to two or more classmates by 11:59p.m., Wednesday, CT.
Part 1: Select a blog topic from the list provided below. Consider your own knowledge and interest in the topic. Consider your ability to craft a worthwhile blog post using the three-step process for successful blogging outlined in Chapter 8.

Blog topics

Review a current business book
Compare two TED Talks on the topic of business
Provide editorial commentary on a current, debatable business issue
Provide biographical information on an influential business leader
Reflect on a previous business course
Explain a business process
Recount an engaging team building activity
Describe a workplace conflict that ended with a positive outcome
Part 2: Develop a three-to-five-paragraph blog post based on the blog topic that you selected. Review the Writing Strategies for Social Media (seven key points) outlined in Chapter 8 to analyze your blog post. The email should adhere to the following criteria:

Include a compelling headline.
Provide original and well-developed content. Do not copy another authors blog post.
Give credit to the original source when providing supporting information.
Demonstrate an understanding of content curation by effectively sharing one useful link to an article or video.
Provide insight into your character and associations.
Make the purpose of your post clear to the reader.
Proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation and content errors.
Evaluate your blog post for the use of authentic voice, correct grammar, correct spelling, complete paragraphs, a compelling headline, an introduction that catches the reader’s attention and proper word usage.

Note: You are not publishing the blog post. You are creating a blog post and posting it in the discussion forum to share with the group. The blog post should be written in a Word document. Students can copy and paste the blog post into the discussion forum.


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