Body Mass Index Hattie Brown Case Study

Body Mass Index

Hattie Brown Case Study
Purpose: In this case study you will have the opportunity to assess a 24-hour dietary recall. You will
utilize the USDA’s Choose My Plate website ( as well as the “My Plate” and
“Healthy Eating Style” recommendations.
Complete the answers on this worksheet, convert the file to a PDF and submit to the D2L
Assignment folder.
Hattie Brown is a 19 year oldsophomore at Montana State University who recently moved off campus
and is living alone for the first time. She is a full-time student and works part time cleaning offices.
Hattie feels she is always in a rush and grabs something easy or quick to prepare. She admits that she
loves Coca Cola and tries to limit her intake but finds some days to be challenging, especially when she
wants a boost of energy.
Hattie walks to school every day as she lives eight blocks away from campus and often comes home
for lunch. She averages between 30-45 minutes of activity daily.
Health and Family History:
Hattie has not had any health problems but decides that now she is living off campus she would like to
find out if she has a healthy diet. In addition, her grandmother has osteoporosis and Hattie’s mother
was told recently that she has below normal bone density. Hattie is concerned that she may be at risk
of developing osteoporosis.
Visit to the Student Health Service RD:
Hattiemakes an appointment with the student health service RD to discuss her concerns. At the
appointment, the RD measures Hattie’s height and weight to determineher BMI and completes a 24-
hour recall.
Part I: BMI Calculation
Hattie’s height and weight: 5’5”, 135 lbs.
Use the table “Is Your BMI in the Healthy Range?” on page 245 of the text (Chapter 7) to determine her

1. Hattie’s BMI: ___________ (1pt)

2. What category does her BMI fit? Underweight, normal, overweight or obese. (1pt)

3. Should Hattie be concerned about her BMI? Explain.(1pt)

NUTR 221 – Assignment Two
Part II: Dietary Intake
As part of her assessment the RD completes a 24-hour recall with Hattie.
Time of

Food/Beverage Consumed Amount Consumed Where Consumed

8:00 am Dannon strawberry Greek


1 5.3 oz serving Home

Banana 1 medium
Tea with sugar 12 fl oz; 2 tsp

12:00 pm Peanut butter &jelly sandwich 1 Home

 peanut butter 2 Tbsp
 grape jelly 1 Tbsp
 white bread 2 slices
Apple 1 medium
Coca Cola 12 oz can

3:00 pm Coca Cola 12 oz can Driving in car
8:00 pm Spinach salad 1 Restaurant

 spinach 2 cups
 eggs, hard boiled 2
 red onion 2 large slices
 feta cheese ¼ cup (1oz)
Honey mustard dressing 4 tbsp
White Dinner Roll 1 small
 butter 2 pats (2tsp)
Water 12 fl oz

Based on the 24-hour recall what is your firstimpression of Hattie’s food choices? Explain.(1pt)

Part II Cont’d: Hattie’s MyPlate Plan
Choose My Plate is a free resource designed to help Americans learn about healthy food choices and
eating habits. You will use resources on the ChooseMyPlate website to assess Hattie’s 24-hour recall.
1) Create a MyPlate Plan for Hattie using the information provided in the case study. Go to:, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Online Tools
“MyPlate Plan”. Use the “Get Your MyPlate Plan” and select “Start”. Input Hattie’s information and
then select “Calculate Food Plan”. When you see the total number of calories in the upper area of the
screen, click on the number of calories. This will create Hattie’s MyPlate Plan that includes each food
group, number of servings/food group and an amount to use for one serving of each group. It will be
helpful to print a copy of Hattie’s MyPlate Plan as you will be using the information for each food group
to evaluate her intake.

NUTR 221 – Assignment Two
2) Complete the 24-hour recall worksheet (attached to this assignment) by evaluating her intake of
food groups and servings based on the MyPlate Plan you created for Hattie. (4.5pts)
a) After you have evaluated her intake on the 24-hour recall worksheet, compare your results
with the MyPlate Plan recommendations. *NOTE: You will not be able to complete this table
below until you complete the 24-hour recall worksheet. (5pts)
Food Group Hattie’s current intake


Hattie’s MyPlate Plan Food Group
recommended servings

b) Identify two food groups you think are important for her to increase her intake in. Provide 2
key nutrients per group and explain why each is important to her nutritional status. (2pts)
Example: Fruits contain vitamin C and fiber. This is important because vitamin C supports
collagen formation and is an antioxidant; dietary fiber supports gastrointestinal health.
i. Food group, two nutrients and why they’re important:

ii. Food group, two nutrients and why they’re important:

c) List one suggestion per food group to improve her consumption of each food group you
selected above. (2pts)
Example: To increase fruit in her diet, she could add an orange as a snack.
i. Food group suggestion:

ii. Food group suggestion:

NUTR 221 – Assignment Two
Part II Cont’d: Hattie’s Intake of Added Sugars
1) Identify the sources of added sugars on the 24-hour recall worksheet (right hand column) and
estimate the amount of added sugar (in grams) for each item and record. You will have to look these
items up on the internet to determine the amount of added sugar. (4.5pts)
2) After you have evaluated her intake of added sugars on the 24-hour recall worksheet, complete the
following questions:
a) What are the total grams of added sugar in her diet (from the 24-hour recall worksheet)?
_____ g (1pt)
b) Next, go to
questionsto learn more about the guideline for added sugars. Based on this guideline how many
grams of sugar would be the recommended amount for Hattie?
(Total # of kcals in Hattie’s MyPlate Plan X .10) ÷ 4 kcals/g = _____ g of added sugar) (1pt)
c) Compare Hattie’s actual intake of added sugar with the recommended intake from the Dietary
Guidelines. What health related reasons might Hattie want to consider in making a change in
her added sugar consumption? (1pt)

d) Identify two potential changes in her diet that would allow her to stay within the added sugar
guidelines. (2pts)

Part III: Methods of Dietary Assessment
A 24- hour recall is a retrospective view of someone’s diet. What are 2 limitations of this type of dietary
assessment? (2pts)


NUTR 221 – Assignment Two
The RD has recommended Hattie come back for a follow-up visit. What method of dietary assessment
might the RD request from Hattie to help get a more complete picture of Hattie’s intake? (1pt)

When you are done with the assignment, you will have 2 PDF files to submit to the D2L
Assignment folder. *Note: If you do not submit as a PDF, you will lose 2 pts for each one.
1) PDF of the 24-hour recall worksheet.
2) PDF of the answers to the case study question.



Answer Preview……………..

Part 1 BMI Calculation. Hattie’s BMI: 22. Healthy weight (Normal). Hattie has a normal BMI hence she should strive to maintain that weight. Part 1I Diet Intake. The food has lots of sugary products which will make her prone to infections. Additionally, she is prone to chronic infections………….

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