The Bond of a Common Mind-Collective Salvation: A Summary

Argument Summary Essays In Modules 1-7, these essays will summarize the reading for that module. These should be 1-2 pages no more than 500 words. In Module 8, the essay will not address the readings for the course, but instead will address the student’s writing process for the History of Interpretation Paper. This final summary paper serves as the embedded QEP assessment. Module 3: Summarize the arguments and position of the authors from the readings. Your essay should be 1-2 pages but no longer than 500 words. Submit your essay via the Dropbox no later than Thursday morning. Formatting of Writing Assignments: 1. All assignments will be double spaced with size 12 font. 2. All assignments will be in MLA format. For formatting guidance, refer to: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th Edition ISBN-13: 860-1200663914 OR Purdue University Online Writing Lab MLA Formatting and Style Guide Follow link above or cut and paste this link in your browser: 3. Assignments not written in proper format will be returned to the student for rewriting and receive a late penalty.




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The Bond of a Common Mind-Collective Salvation: A Summary

According to Augustine, those who believed that they shared same body as Christians due to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ were erroneous in their beliefs. In Augustine’s’ view, the Catholics did not deserve any salvation because they ate and continue to eat the body of Christ both in the sacramental sign and in reality. Augustine did not believe in group salvation and his warnings and accusations were directed to anyone and everyone hoping for group salvation. Specifically, he seemed to target the early North African Church. …

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