Book Review

Book Review

First you must write both essays with basic english show that is done by high school work plus i need to make some mistake on both of them.

I do not want these to be perfect essays I want them to be so basic plus you should tell me about the topic of the essays and the book you will write about it you should pick up simple topics for both of them

First essay

This project requires you to research and write a paper about any topic in Psychology that is of interest to you. The topic does NOT have to be one that is covered in lecture. To meet requirements, you will need to include at least two different theories or perspectives on the chosen topic. There is no required length for the paper, but you will need to include at least three sources. (2 -page with Reference )

Second essay

Book Review: You can earn all five hours through reading a book in the popular or specialized psychology literature (book title must be approved by me PRIOR to your report) and writing a 3 – page with Reference (double-spaced) summary and analysis.

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We can all agree that we usually face many difficulties in life which make a person to lose hope with life and they can also decide to commit suicide due to the hardship that they encounter. In the book The Antidote; Self-help for people who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking the author Burkeman Oliver put forward extreme measures and guidelines which would be helpful to whether the life hardships. Despite the goal of being happy in life we all faced unfulfilled, unsatisfied and stressed out results which make our life difficulties. Burkeman in his book put forward guidelines which can be used to bring happiness to an individual. The discussion pertains to a summary of the book and analysis of the ideas developed by the author………

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