Boston University welcomes hundreds of transfer students to campus each year. We want to learn more

Boston Admission Essay


Boston University welcomes hundreds of transfer students to campus each year. We want to learn more

about you and your reasons for transferring, in particular what you hope to accomplish at Boston


Here are some technical terms for Communication, if used in an appropriate way throughout the document it would impress:…

Why Boston University?! What is it about the mass communication, advertising, and public Relations course?


What sets you apart – Passion for communication, Moral integrity.

Expert knowledge, very keen interest in what has been achieved, what is currently going on, what might be set to happen in the future

New political landscape, with various minefields to overcome

– There’s always a battle between what the politicians want, what the companies want, and what the people want – an area for discussion and how this relates back to my interest in communications.

I want to enhance my skills in…





Ascertain information

– Reputation, integrity, standard of teaching at Boston University, and why this would allow me to enhance my capabilities within the world of communications

The more I learn within the realm of communications, the more I acknowledge the opportunities that can grow within a multitude of industries. Communications its central to everything happening in the world.

Look up specialized courses at Boston University in the college of communications within the mass communications advertising and public relations that relate to the points above.

Hi there, so I have been working a draft for my transfer essay to Boston University to the college of communications.

I am hoping that you’ll be able provide me with content for this essay, although you don’t know me, in the notes given above, that should be enough for the start

The essay has to answer the question provided from Boston university, and the response should be directly why i want to join the college of communication.

Sorry to bother you again, but grammar will be very important.

The reasons for transferring have to be purely academic with support from anything you might find on the schools website 


Answer Preview……….

The reason I chose Boston University to pursue my communications course was an extensive recommendation from two of my colleagues, who made the case that they received not only skills that facilitated their career development but also acquired significant insight that has proceeded to influence their career path from the University. Particularly so, they made it clear that it is not just about the delivery of core skills and competencies, but the environment at the school presents an opportunity one is least likely to get from any other institution. With this information, I set out to research the institution, in which case I found that availability of master’s degree courses offered, such as MS in Public Relations, appeal to my career interests. Hence, taking an undergraduate course at the university would make it relatively easy for me to take on the graduate course at the same institution…………..

APA 573 words

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