Brazilian Environment

Brazilian Environment

Brazil provides a fascinating example of contrasting environmental policy. Protecting Brazilian rain forests has been a public interest for those in Brazil and those outside of Brazil for decades. However, rainforests continue to be cut down at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, Brazil is the world’s second largest producer of ethanol and maintains much of its energy needs through biofuels. Answer the following: 1) Describe how the two “green issues” are in conflict with each other and what you believe to be the interest groups driving this dynamic? 2) What domestic economic policies might Brazil try to promote with these contradictory environmental policies? 

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Brazil is home to one of the most significant carbon sinks in the world. It is home to the Amazon Rainforest and many other protected areas with flora and fauna significance in the world. With such an influential position in global and local biodiversity, it is essential that the government devises a consistent and sustainable method to governing how the exploitation and usage of abundant natural resources throughout the country. These policies guide the conflicts in………………

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