Breast complaints are common across the lifespan

Breast complaints are common across the lifespan

Women often present to the primary care setting with a variety of breast complaints. Many of these are benign conditions but can be concerning to the patient. Breast complaints are common across the lifespan, and it is imperative for the nurse practitioner to be comfortable in assessing, diagnosing, and treating breast complaints.

Discuss any encounters you have had with patients who have had breast concerns. Review the evidence-based guidelines for evaluating and treating breast conditions. How did you approach the assessment and the evaluation of breast complaints seen in the clinic setting?

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In primary care settings, it is common for practitioners to encounter women with breast concerns. Therefore, the medics have to make decisions that will help the patients either attend to their concerns or relax their minds. It is important to follow evidence-based guidelines when performing breast assessments and treatment for the women who come with such concerns…………………..

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