Bronies subculture

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Bronies Subculture Research

1- What do Bronies face today/ what big issue do Bronies face today?

-Bollying – use these links

-Rejection from general public

– Online haters

2- How do media and social media come into play in this group?

3- What do others think about them?

4- Who/ What is the Bronies subculture?

5- Why there is more male than female in Bronies culture?

6- How do bronies affect the show? How do Bronies influence My Little Pony cartoon?

7- What are the core beliefs, practices, ideals? What do they do together?





preview of the answer..

In the last few years, a subculture inspiring fans and supporters of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” known as Bronies has sprung up. This show has led to emergence of a subculture despite it just being an animated show. According to the Co-founder of the show Tadeus Martyn, the Brony culture is as a result of people’s love for the show. The internet has played a huge role in uniting members of this culture, as it gives them opportunity to air their views through social networking platforms. This has also facilitated the spread of the culture …

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