The Bronze Age Aegean Culture

The Bronze Age Aegean Culture


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The decipherment of the Linear B archaeological tools provides persons with vital insights of the culture of the Bronze Age Aegean. The outlook is driven by the view that the pre-alphabetic writing and the pictographic images were described people’s way of life at the time they were developed. Thus, these artworks show that the persons who lived in the Bronze Age Aegean culture reared animals and practiced farming. The viewpoint is supported by Rita Robert’s findings in the translation of the Linear B tablet KN 897 D a 1. Here, she reveals that name of the person who developed the bronze tablet might have been Po or Pome. Also, the artifact reveals that Tomako might have been a herdsman. Moreover, Robert’s interpretation of the bronze tablet reveals that Wonoqoso had a team of oxen. Thus, these findings reveal that the persons who lived in the Bronze Age kept domestic animals as they had shepherds. On the other hand, the presence of oxen in the artwork cultivated lands for farming. Thus, it is appropriate to conclude that this society had farmers…………………….

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