Budgets and Employee Morale

Budgets play a critical role in management activities such as planning, controlling and motivating employees. Used effectively, budgets can help a company achieve its goals and create a productive work environment.  In contrast, budgets can also create a hostile work environment.  Watch this video about budgets and employee morale and then reflect upon your own work experiences.  Explain how budgeting was incorporated to achieve the company’s overall goals and objectives.  Reflect on whether or not the budgets were effectively applied and whether your experience was positive or negative.


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Budgeting is an important financial management activity that assists the business to plan and control cost as well as motivate employees. Effective use of budget can help the organization achieve it corporate objectives and foster an atmosphere of productivity. However, it can lead to a hostile work environment, if not used properly. The video summaries the negative effect of budget on employee morale which leads to lower productivity. Budget is a financial plan that contains the list of all the company’s projected revenue and expenditure. Depending on the …

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