build your toolkit for conflict resolution

build your toolkit for conflict resolution

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Topic: NSG 290: Building a Toolkit

Details: Discussion Board 4 – Building a Toolkit
Initial Post: Read the Reading & Resources folder and watch the attached videos. Respond to the following and use at least one source.

Reading & Resources
Everyone experiences conflict at some point in time. Read “The Inspired Workplace” to find out how you can promote a more peaceful environment and resolve conflicts.

The majority of conflict resolution deals with building relationships. We talked about communication and how to avoid toxic behaviors or ineffective resolution methods. Let’s take a look at how we can build relationships centered on trust. Watch the following 2 part video:

Play Video: John Gottman: How to Build Trust

Play Video: Making Relationships Work | Part 2 | Dr. John Gottman
We have also discussed some general mistakes to avoid when trying to communicate and resolve conflict. Read the following brief article on “Conflict Resolution Mistakes to Avoid” that describes several tactics to avoid all together when resolving conflict. These are very common mistakes to make in any type of conflict.

1. Let’s put it all together and build your toolkit for conflict resolution. Name a major trigger for you that can often cause conflict in one area of your life. (Ex: You feel disregarded or left out at work when your coworkers do not communicate with you.) Discuss how it makes you feel and what type of conflict you experience.

2. Discuss 3 strategies from ones we discussed in this course that you can use to resolve this conflict in the future and prevent the conflict from happening again.

3. What is something that you will need to work on more to improve your conflict resolution skills and add to your toolbox for solving conflicts?

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build your toolkit for conflict resolution

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