Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

You are an analyst at Saunders Restaurants, Incorporated. Saunders Restaurants is a privately held company based in Rochester that owns 51 fast food franchises (one in each state and DC) and business has been relatively good. It is a well-established company that generates a profit each year. The salaries for employees at Saunders Restaurants are typical of the industry as a whole, with the median salary at about $9 per hour and a sizeable proportion of less experienced employees earning the minimum wage. Wendy Burger-King is the Chief Counsel and Director of Government Relations and has asked you to address a memorandum to her about the current political discussion at the federal level on the minimum wage.

Ms. Burger-King would like the memo to be concise (about 2 pages in length), but has asked you to address quite a few topics to help her to understand the issues:

– Why is this issue on the policy agenda and what is the current status of the debate in Washington? How might the results of the 2014 Midterm Elections for Congress impact the debate?
– Who are the stakeholders for Saunders Restaurants, Incorporated that this federal policy change may impact and how might it impact them? (Feel free to create a chart or another visual aid if you believe that will be helpful to Ms. Burger-King; not counted as part of the page limit).
– What have been the policy positions of other companies, particularly in the fast food industry, on this policy issue?
– Ms. Burger-King is not sure whether or not the President and CEO of the company has a position on this issue, so she would like you to address both the pros and cons of the proposed wage increase for Saunders Restaurants, Incorporated, and the merits and/or demerits of the company making its position on this issue public.

Ms. Burger-King is meeting with her boss on the morning of September 19, 2014 to discuss the minimum wage, and requires this assignment on MyCourses by 12 PM on that date.

Grading: Your grade for this assignment will be out of 10 points.

– Answers the Questions with Evidence and Follows Instructions- 5 points
– Incorporates Course Material- 3 points
– Clarity, Quality, and Presentation- 2 points




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The United States is currently undergoing one of its periods of agony regarding the minimum wage. In the past few weeks, many states and municipalities have raised this wage rate. Washington has not been left behind as there is a lot of pressure from all corners to raise the wage rate. For instance, the state is planning to heed to President Obama’s suggestions to raise it to $10.10 per hour from the previous $7.25. This debate is likely to be more appealing during the midterm elections for the congress since the people vying for the posts will use it as a tool to convince voters who are the majority voters …

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