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Brochures can be utilized to display the mission, vision, and objective of a company. Watch the video and answer the questions below.



Learning Objectives:

To develop and design a potential company brochure or personal brochure advertising one’s skills and/or services

What types of items should you include in a company’s brochure?
What components should a manager or designer include when creating a brochure?
Conduct a little research on brochures, discuss the design and key components that should be included within a company’s brochure.

Your response must be in your own words. Your initial post should be 275 word minimum that reflects research and not opinion. Provide citations for the source of your learning.

300 words
ref and cite

Answer Preview…………….

The following are some of the items that should be included in a company`s brochure.  First is shapes, and these are inserted when using Microsoft Word to create a brochure. The second thing that should be included in a company`s brochure is texts. Texts are words that are used to explain or describe the company and its products. The third items that are included in a company`s brochure are images or pictures (Easton, 2013). The company`s images should be…………….

APA 429 words

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