Business Innovation and Management Practice

Business Innovation and Management Practice

1. What is the learning opportunity for you from reading: American Greetings Corporation (attached)

2. How might you benefit from evaluating corporate entrepreneurship to integrate innovation and effect changeHow will that affect you in your career now or perhaps in the future?

3. Based on the supplemental reading this week, do you believe you are more of a thermostat or thermometer type leader? Briefly explain your choice in the context of organizational culture. (Attached)

1 page per question. References required.

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Business Innovation and Management Practice

Question One

One of the primary learning opportunities from the reading is the continuous reinvention the company has experienced over the years, irrespective of the success of previous innovations in the greeting cards. In particular, American Greetings Corporations has undergone different significant phases of innovation throughout the twentieth century, beginning with the self-serve greeting cards of the 1930s to the strawberry shortcake character of the 1980s. The innovation measures presented the company’s clients with the opportunity to experience an alternative way to pass greetings through cards, ultimately eliminating the monotony of previous approaches and…….

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