business law discussion

business law discussion

in the United States, the Supreme Court has the final say concerning any law or dispute in the land. The decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court may not be appealed and become the law of the land the instant the opinions are made public by publication of the document. No other branch of the government has the absolute final say on any issue, legal or otherwise.

Further, members of the Supreme Court are not elected by the public but rather are appointed for life by the President and Senate and cannot be removed by less than a 2/3 vote of the United States Congress.

For your discussion in this module, we will use the basic debate form. The proposition set forth is this: “The United States Supreme Court powers are appropriate and essential. No other legal form or entity could exist superior to our system.”

In your primary post, affirm or oppose the proposition.

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The Supreme Court has the ultimate power in matters regarding the law. Therefore, the decisions of the supreme court of the United States of America cannot be appealed or overturned by another court. Also, the decisions become law when they are made public. The judges are appointed by the president and cannot be fired unless by at least two-thirds of the Congress. The………………

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