Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

Your Topic: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

Assignment Details: Please see the attached template to utilize for the paper, do NOT alter the format of the paper! My last paper, I received a B on it due to the sources were not credible. Please see prior feedback from paper and carefully concentrate on every single requirement for the paper/assignment and fulfill it.

Feedback to Learner
5/18/22 6:59 PM
Hello April. Thank you for submitting our second writing assignment in the class. On this assignment, you earned a grade of B (89%). You touched on a few good points in this assignment. As I hope you know, I would like to see you earn an A on all of your assignments. Although you cannot resubmit this assignment for a better grade, I encourage you to use this feedback and the information shared in the announcements and bi-weekly calls to understand what you did well and what may need some improvement. This feedback explains what was missed and what should have been included to earn full credit in each rubric criterion, so that you can take action to improve in next assignment.

REQUIREMENT #1: The first grading rubric criterion required that you choose 2 segments of the general environment that would rank highest in their influence on your selected corporation and assess the effect those 2 segments have on both your corporation and the industry in which it operates. Table 2.1 in our textbook provides an outline of the segments of the general environment discussed in the course (i.e. Demographic, Economic, Political/Legal, Sociocultural, Technological, Global, and Sustainable Physical). While there are numerous business-impacting factors, being able to identify and focus efforts on the areas that are most significant is a key part of strategy. You did a thorough job in identifying the 2, of the 7 segments described in the textbook, that you believe have the greatest influence on your corporation and in assessing the segment’s impact on the corporation and industry.

REQUIREMENT #2: In the second rubric criterion we assessed the 5 forces of competition described in the text. Figure 2.2 in our textbook displays the 5 forces of competition discussed in the course (i.e. Threat of new entrants, Bargaining power of suppliers, Bargaining power of buyers, Threat of substitute products, and Rivalry among competing firms). You needed to choose the 2 forces you think are the most significant to your selected corporation and evaluate how well the corporation has addressed those forces in the recent past. Although as a student working on this particular assignment you only needed to assess 2 of the forces, remember that in business, business leaders will need to consider all 5 forces as they strive for long-term profitability. You earned full credit in this requirement. Great job.

REQUIREMENT #3: Knowing your competitive forces is one thing but knowing what you might do to address those forces is critical to business success. The third rubric criterion continued the evaluation of the 2 forces of competition selected in the previous criterion. In this criterion, you needed to predict what your selected company might do to improve its ability to address the forces in the near future. A full-credit response here provides sound and relevant predictions of what the company could do in the short term. You provided a partial response to this criterion. Keep working on digging deep into the course concepts and fully addressing all parts of the rubric requirement. Key here was to provide well thought-out predictions. Think of it was writing so that others will learn from you.

Preferred Format: APA

Number of Sources: 3

Number of Pages: 6

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Preferred Spacing: Double spaced

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