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I have two little discussion questions that need to be completed byThursday.
> 1. In your own words, explain what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is. Name two examples of social responsible companies you know and explain why you consider them so.
> We learned that CSR can be viewed as a pyramid with Philanthropic Responsibilities at the top. Discuss what particular advantages accrue to companies who proactively take steps to be philanthropically responsible.
> 2. When companies expand into the international arena, they do so either because their home market has matured or because they see real opportunities in the foreign market. Discuss which kinds of international strategies are most appropriate for companies in the following domestic industries:
> Producing movies
> Software
> Management consulting
> Breakfast cereals
> School of business
> Each needs to be 250 words.



preview of the answer..

Corporate social responsibility is defined as initiatives taken by organizations aimed at impacting social and environmental welfare. Through this social responsibility, organizations invest in short or long-term projects which do not offer immediate financial benefits to them, but promote positive environmental and social change. Today, many companies such as Toyota and Coca Cola are involved in various social cooperate responsibility programs. For instance, Toyota and Coca Cola have come up with several environmental protection projects in areas that they conduct their activities (Lee & Kotler, 2013)…

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