Business Management Research Paper

Research Paper Instructions

Topic: Autocratic Manager

You will write a research paper of 8 full –9 full pages on a management topic approved by your instructor. The topic must be unique to the topics covered in the course and have a management focus. Submit your request for your desired topic to the Research Paper Topic Approval Discussion Board by the end of Module/Week 1. A sample paper is available in the Assignment Instructions folder and should be referred to for proper formatting.

Paper Requirements: 

  • The paper is to be your original work and written solely for this course. Although past papers can be minimally referenced, papers previously submitted or work from previously submitted assignments cannot be used to fulfill this assignment.
  • The paper must be written using current APA format and include a title page, an abstract, and a references list (See APA sample paper).
  • The paper must have a minimum of 8 full pages (double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 paper) and a  maximum of 9 full pages.
  • It must be submitted as a Word document (.doc).
    • The finished paper must be uploaded, as an attachment, by the published deadline.
  • Headers must include short title and pagination. Running head is done on the first page.
  • It must have 1-inch margins (right, left, top, or bottom).
  • Do not use bullets or listing anywhere in the paper.
  • It must be written in third person.
  • It must use size 12 font in either Times or Times New Roman.
  • The body of the paper is left-justified only.
  • Paragraphs must be indented 5 spaces.
  • Any charts, graphs, pictures, etc. must be put in an appendix and do not count toward the minimum number of pages.
  • No more than 1 use of a block quote is to be used. Show block quotations of more than 40 words as follows:
    • Use single spacing within the quote and double spacing surrounding the quote.
    • Indent 5 spaces from left-hand margin.
    • Do not use quotation marks.



  • References must be as follows:

o    A minimum of 9 different references must be used.

o    All references must be from peer-reviewed professional journals published within the last 3 years.

o    Textbooks, web blogs, abstracts, and other ancillary materials cannot be be counted as one of the required references.

o    All references must be cited somewhat equally in the narrative with no references over- or under-represented.

o     Quotations must not be more than 15% of the paper – paraphrase and properly quote the citations.

  • Reference Section
    • Double-space throughout references.




preview of the answer..

Managerial methodologies have evolved in the last past. I.e. the scheme was successfully developed throughout the 20th century but the scheme was not successful due to changing leadership requirement(Carlton, 2012). Managements entail good practices and procedures which are largely respondent to significant developments of international organizations. A bad set up in managerial operations depicts that a degree of order and consistency is a key dimension in quality and profitability of goods. A change is relevant while dealing with international business that is so important in the recent years. As the industry becomes more competitive and …

2293 words APA

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