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You need to choose one country outside of the United States and research the culture, norms, and conditions of that country.   How the culture is different from the United States and how might that culture affect business operations or dealings if you were assigned by your company to work in that country for a period of time.  What ethical issues may arise as result of cultural differences?  Determine whether the country is individualist or collectivist and how power distance can be characterized in that country.  What does your research say about how negotiations are conducted and what types of activities or conduct are accepted or not accepted?

Write your findings in 2-3 paragraphs. Be sure to cite to your sources.

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Canada is one of the cultures that exhibit low power distance; it is most likely that people in that culture will show lower levels equality. As such systems tend to support decentralized forms of government with questionable authority. Canada is a highly individualistic culture. It is, therefore, a loosely knit society in which the people look out for …

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