Business Tort Liability paper

Business Tort Liability paper

Scenario: In the midst of the ongoing rhetoric and movement to achieve Tort Reform, business tort liability must be acknowledged and planned for as a reality. As the manager of legal risk and corporate governance for a major multi-national pharmaceutical corporation, the board of directors has commissioned you to work alongside your CEO and General Counsel to prepare a report regarding this liability and the exposure it creates for the organization.

Create a maximum 1,050-word report, excluding title and reference pages.

Address the following in the report:

  • Evaluate the impact of business tort liability on the pharmaceutical industry in general.
  • Determine the growth of business tort liability in the pharmaceutical industry and discuss where and why tort reform is needed.
  • Assess the impact of business tort liability on corporate liability under the Alien Tort Statute.
  • Explain how business tort liability can be reduced through the implementation of the risk management process.
  • Analyze how business tort liability can escalate to criminal liability.

Cite a minimum of two references for the five content areas taken from a business or legal resource.



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Answer Preview…………….

Torts refer to the wrongdoing of others resulting in the injury to another individual. Torts are divided into intentional, negligence and strict liability torts. The pharmaceutical industry has experienced a rise in the cases of tort liabilities over the past two decades as a result of the adverse effects of drugs manufactured. The legal suits resulting from these tort liabilities has impacted the industry financially calling for reforms with regards to research and release of products to the market………………………

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