C Corporations and S Corporations


C Corporations and S Corporations

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  • I have attached Four of my classmates discussion points. I need to follow up with a substantive response to a classmate. Response should include one citation and one reference. Responses need to be personal in nature responding directly to them and their post. Guidelines Guidelines for responses are also attached

  • indicate students name and the response below the name.

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Response to Jarius

Hi Jarius, I like how you have explained the concepts of S corporations and C corporations in a manner that is easy to understand. I agree with you with the angle you took to evaluate this question by first understanding what a corporation is and the differences between S and C corporations. From your discussion, I think the main difference between S corporations and C corporations is in how they approach taxes. Also, S corporations operate like sole proprietorship where they have limited liability protection and operate as separate entities (Akalp, 2019). Just as you said in your opinion, it is essential for one to carry out research and…………..

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