Can I get some help with an assignment

Can I get some help with an assignment


The purpose of this assignment is for students to analyze statements of a publicly traded company to provide an opinion of the company’s financial condition using selected financial ratios.

Assignment Steps

Search the internet for financial statements of publicly traded companies. Students are required to utilize different financial statements from the Week 2 Individual Assignment.

Analyze the financial ratios of the identified publicly traded company in 1,400 words including the following:

  • Explain the uses for each of the three classifications of ratios: liquidity, solvency, and profitability.
  • Calculate the current ratio, profit margin, and after tax ROE, and then compare these with the ratios provided (access the financial statements along with the ratio analysis from the company selected in the Week 1 “Overview of Financial Statement” assignment and Week 2 “Revenue Forecast” assignment).
  • Display your calculations.

Cite a minimum of one peer reviewed reference from the University Library.



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Answer Preview…………….

An analysis of a company’s financial report can be done using mathematical ratios. The ratios concerning line items are likened to the industry standards or the ratios of similar firms in a bid to determine whether the enterprise being evaluated is worse or better than others. The analysis of the liquidity, leverage, turnover and profitability ratios, when used together, can give an idea about the health of a company to the industry within which it operates (Smith, & Smith,…………………..

APA 1321 words