Capstone Case

Capstone Case

Hello, after revised the paper I have came up with several mistakes
that you need to correct it:

1. In question 2: you have to using statistics in Exel file which I
calculated everything in there and my professor want to use those
numbers in the paper. For example: ” According to the analysis
released in the year 2013 and 2014, the segment alone accounted for
21% of the total revenue and 35% of the operating profit for the
division.” I can’t find these number in Excel or in the book. How you
calculate them?

2. You have to answer the question why the business units largest or
fastest that I didn’t see in your paper. That’s important to answer
due to the require in questions.

Revise the given file according to the above instructions… refer to
the work’s original files
as well

Answer preview…………..

apa 1292 words

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