Carol’s Murder

In 1990, Carol Cuttle was found in her car murdered. The investigation
> disclosed Carol’s husband departed on a business trip the day before her
> murder. The Cuttles had a difficult marriage which had turned physical.
> Carol had been hit on several occasions as a result of arguments. Carol was
> found in her car by a passerby. The scene investigation disclosed that she
> had been sexually assaulted and strangled. There were no witnesses to the
> incident. Mr. Cuttle returned upon being notified of the murder. He had a
> fresh laceration on his forehead which he explained as an injury at work.
> There were no witnesses to the injury. Mr. Cuttle explained that he
> departed the day before the murder and had no idea who would attack his
> wife. He then submitted to a polygraph examination which he failed. The
> case agent provided case details to an FBI behavioral investigator for a
> profile. The profile disclosed that Mr. Cuttle matched the profile as a
> white middle-aged male, professional, living in the area of the murder.
> Although he denied the charge, Mr. Cuttle was considered the primary
> suspect in Carol’s murder. He was then shunned by family and suspended from
> his job. The investigation subsequently identified the real murderer as a
> young black male who did not live in the area.
> *1.*
> *Why do you think Mr. Cuttle failed the polygraph?*
> *2.*
> *Considering the disparity between the profile and actual murderer, why you
> do think the behavioral investigator was wrong in his profile?*
> *3.*
> *What information should the agent have given the behavioral investigator?
> Should not have given? *
> *4.  The killer’s confession is attached. What does this confession
> indicate to you? Can you establish a profile for Gates?*
> 200 words
> 2 references
> Use subtitles





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Why Mr. Cuttle failed the polygraph

As stated by Kassin, Fein & Markus (2014), many people fail the polygraph when they provide low responses to the control questions.  From the case, there is a high possibility that Mr. Cuttle failed the polygraph because he was scared that the behavioral investigator would not believe or agree to what he said during the testing process. It was also easier for Mr. Cuttle to fail the test if he believed that he had some information concerning Carol’s murder, but was afraid to share it with the investigator.

Why the behavioral investigator was wrong in his profile

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