Case analysis

Shane White has been booked and is waiting to see the judge for his initial appearance. At that time, his defense attorney asked for the bond amount to be lowered because his client is considered indigent. The prosecution would not agree to this, so a bond hearing was set for the following Thursday. This will give the prosecution and defense enough time to gather evidence and make their case. Assume you are the judge for this assignment. Consider the following: 400-500 word count


  • In your own words, define and explain the concept of bail.
  • What are 2–3 examples of bond? Explain.
  • What should the prosecution present to support its argument? Why? Explain in detail.
  • What should the defense present to support its argument? Why? Explain in detail.
  • After comparing and contrasting the opposing views, what would your decision be? Why\

Preview of the answer..

In the United States, there are several types of bonds that arrested individuals have access to. Some of these bonds are:

  • Cash bond: under this type of bond, an individual is supposed to post the entire amount of bond which the judge has set before the defendant can be released. The court usually returns all the money posted if the defendant attends all court hearings.
  • Surety bond: this type of bond needs the posting of a surety power of the attorney, mainly from an insurance firm, which guarantees that the full amount of bond is going to be paid in the event the defendant fails to attend a court hearing that has been scheduled…


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