case study

case study

Submit a draft in outline form (common in human services agencies) of the care plan you have created for your “client,” addressing all elements from Section I of Part II for the critical elements below. The care plan should be based on the information you received from the fictional “client” and the feedback you received from the instructor on your interview submission for Part I. The care plan should provide recommendations of interventions, referrals (including at least one referral to a group and why), and resources to address the client’s needs, and a plan for ongoing assessment and efficacy. The critical elements in the rubric table below should be used as headings for your care plan outline. The care plan should be written in first person (Mr. or Mrs. X, fictitious client’s first name and last name). The submission should be written in a professional tone with a strengths-based focus. This submission should emulate a real-world care plan, disclosing only the information that can be viewed by the client.

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A major problem that veterans returning from war face is the issue of psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mrs. Joan Robinson has the same mental issue tied to her traumatic experiences in Syria when she was on official army duty. From the assessment, I established that she has a strong support system in her family and church which could be utilized in developing community-based interventions. Furthermore, she has a moderate………………….

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