Evaluating case studies is a common way to demonstrate concepts and terms used in courses


Case Study Design and Analysis


Case Study Design and Analysis

Evaluating case studies is a common way to demonstrate concepts and terms used in courses. A usual assignment would ask you to read a case study and evaluate the situation based on what you learned from your course and text readings. However, for this assignment, each week you will identify the main concepts and terms learned in the week’s online lectures and textbook readings and create a fictional case study (do not relate this to actual individuals).

You will use the following guidelines while writing your case study:

  • Background: You need to describe the demographics of individuals involved in the case study such as their age, gender, occupation, education, relationships, and family history.
  • The case story: You need to describe a scenario using third person in which an individual engages in behavior demonstrating issues related to self-esteem, self-efficacy, or locus of control.
  • Analysis of the case: You need to utilize the information learned from the online lectures and text readings to analyze the case study. Be specific in your analysis using supporting evidence from outside sources when needed.
  • Recommendations: You need to end the case study with your recommendations or suggestions you would have implemented in such a situation to assist in changing the behavior of the individual involved in the case study.


This is this weeks area of discussion

Answer Preview………..

Latex enterprise is known for its ability to produce high-quality automotive parts. In the last five years, the company has upheld the culture of training its workforce after three or four months. The primary reason for this training is to equip the workforce with the relevant skills. This training ensures that all the employees are conversant with various technologies related to automotive production. Ben and Alex are two workers of the Latex corporation, and they work in the sales and marketing department. Ben is 26 years, while Alex is 28. The most exciting part……

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