Catch Flights than Feelings

Catch Flights than Feelings

I need an article due tomorrow this time. So 24 hours from now. I am writing articles for a website called ”Pillowfights” –

It is a website based on articles about relationships, friendships, sex etc. I need an article which will have a theme: Here’s to all those who’d rather catch flights than feelings.

So I need something very clever and well written that is going to show the independent side of people whose dreams are travelling the world and not settling down in one place… Please also add that independent people will only catch feelings for those who let them be free and see their lives together as an adventure (not a well written sentence) Just include that those who stay wild, love wildly too. (and how much they love and they open their hearts to the ones that let them be wild and pursue their hapiness and dreams)
Please write it in an inclusive tone as it helps the audience identify to the article refering to ”us” as wild people loving adventures and rather catch flights than feelings. ”we”, ”us”, blah blah…

I will provide you with 3 of my articles so you can see my style of writing. I am always very passionate about freedom and independence and I let that be obvious through my articles.

These are 3 of my articles:………

Similar article ideas:

Please dont copy but do take some ideas/ replace a few words etc etc 🙂…………

DUE DATE: TOMORROW THIS TIME. (as soon as possible would be much appreciated, but not rush)

WORD COUNT LIMIT: 700 words, please no repetition!


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