Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching

I chose this topic (Rights and Responsibilities) I need 6 pages, reflection paper related to catholic social teaching.

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Rights and Responsibilities

Catholic Social Teaching refers to the tradition of thoughts whereby a church tends to advance justice among people through the engagement of social, economic, political and cultural realities in the current generation. Therefore, Catholic Social Teaching is fit and essential to the mission of the Catholic universities that involves educating and forming students, undertaking research and conduction of institution and corporate life.Through Episcopal, conciliar and papal documents, the church can articulate its reflection on particular critiques and social realities that are related to the tradition of the Catholic faith (Austin, 2014). Therefore, the faith of the church attempts to bring back the Catholic teachings through loving actions.Such teachings are considered to be linked with organic issues based in society since a society greatly changes due to development of new challenges. This change also occurs to Catholic Social Teaching as it attempts to respond to the joy and challenges faced by a certain society……….

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