CE 215 and CE220 Discussion Questions

CE 215 and Discussion Question

Discuss the importance of play in the early childhood classroom. Be sure to explain how play addresses all developmental domains and how early childhood professional can integrate learning standards into play activities in the classroom. Please include specific examples and use referenced information to support your ideas.

150 words, 2 reference, use subtitles

CE220 discussion question

Daily health assessments are part of your responsibility as an Early Childhood Care Professional. Discuss the following questions about health assessments with your classmates.

Describe a condition or illness that is specific to exclusion.
How would you handle an experience with a conflicting opinion on exclusion between the Early Childhood Care Professional and the parent/caregiver?
After viewing the Cengage video, “The Quality of Childcare”, please share at least five components of a quality, safe, and healthy learning environment.
150 words, 2 reference, use subtitles




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A good example of a condition specific to exclusion is when early childhood care professional decides to withdraw children with diarrhea from preschool or daycare  until their conditions improve. To detect such conditions, childhood care professionals and caregivers are required to undertake frequent assessment of the child’s overall health (Hale, 2000). They should also be in a position to detect any unusual symptoms that can easily lead to serious health problems.

 According to Hand & Wise (2006), a good way to resolve a conflicting opinion involving parent/caregiver and childhood care professional requires both parties to understand the source of conflict and be ready to work towards a common goal. Most importantly, each party should be allowed to give his or her views without being interrupted in any way. Some of …

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