CE220 dq and assignment Unit 9

> 150 words, 2 references
>> refer to this website
>> http://kidshealth.org/kid/feel_better/people/go_dentist.html#cat20072  to
>> learn more about dental health.
>> Source: Going to the dentist: Nemours Foundation. Retrieved from:
>> http://kidshealth.org/kid/feel_better/people/go_dentist.html#cat20072
>> Post at least three (3) resources that you found from the Web, including
>> descriptions of how the resources promote healthy choices.
>> What are the benefits of good dental health? Share three activities to
>> implement to teach children about dental health.
>> After viewing the Cengage video, “Preschool: Health and Nutrition
>> <http://www.cengage.com/custom/static_content/OLC/1285391802/preschool_health_and_nutrition.html>”
>> share two items that you will definitely apply as a teacher or a parent.
>> Assignment:
>> 300 words
>> 2 references
>> Creating a Safe Environment
>> Unit 9 Assignment Step-by-Step:
>>    1. You are going to write a 1 page paper  that explains and identifies
>>    a safe and healthy indoor and outdoor learning environment for one of
>>    the following age groups:
>>    – 0–4 months
>>        – 5–2 months
>>        – 2–4 years
>>        – 5–8 years
>>        2. Please make sure to include the following components:
>>    – Introductory paragraph: Preview the paper, include the importance of
>>       providing a healthy indoor and outdoor learning environment, and
>> address
>>       how health, safety, and nutrition are interrelated and dependent on
>> one
>>       another.
>>        – Paragraph 2: Identify and describe four age-appropriate learning
>>       activities and toys that reinforce the important of health,
>> nutrition, and
>>       safety.
>>        – Paragraph 3: Discuss an ideal location, space, and security of a
>>       center, school, etc., and explain appropriate facility maintenance
>> and
>>       upkeep.
>>        – Conclusion paragraph: Summarize the main points of the paper and
>>       discuss the information mentioned in the body paragraphs.
>> As with all writing, be sure to include citations if you use information
>> from any source to avoid plagiarism. It is always necessary to give the
>> author credit. In addition, please make sure to include a reference page.
>> If you need assistance, please use the APA Quick Reference Guide
>> The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly
>> established
>> and sustained throughout the paper and should follow the conventions of
>> Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your
>> writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original
>> and insightful within each section of the paper. Your paper should
>> display
>> superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.





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The web provides a wide range of information on how to promote healthy choices. As an example, there is information on the procedure followed by a dental hygienist when cleaning teeth. A tooth scrapper, special brush, and mirror are the specific items used to clean teeth.

Benefits of good dental health

Maintaining dental health is essential in promoting good overall health. The overall objective of proper dental hygiene is to prevent build up of tartar and plaque, to reduce the incidence of halitosis, and to prevent risks of periodontal diseases. Pharmacists can help patients deal with dental problems risk by increasing awareness on the value of good dental health (Peden, 2011) …

203 words APA

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