challenge in forming trusting relationships

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Period: FALL15-C-8

How might one who is applying for a job in a community mental health center respond to the following questions during the interview? In your initial post, address each of the following items:

  • Our clients represent a range of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Tell me why you will be able to work with them effectively.
  • How much do you understand about your own acculturation process?  How will this help or hinder you in working with our clientele?
  • What will be your biggest challenge in forming trusting relationships with clients who are culturally different from you?

In your initial response, devote at least one paragraph to each response.

Answer Preview…

In order to work effectively with people from a diverse cultural background, one has to respect and understand cultural differences at both organizational and individual level. This aspect will ensure that an individual avoid cultural bias, which tends to hinder people’s interactions as it can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings and discrimination. I believe I am in a position to work with such clients as my cultural knowledge is diversified, thanks to living in different places. This aspect gives me an understanding of various cultures, thus the ability to respect individuals irrespective of their cultural or ethnic background (Clauss-Ehlers, 2010)…

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