change your habit

change your habit

I am Esl student. please use a simple words. Not too difficult words. please write an essay for student speaks English as second language.

Change Your Habit: Essay #1


Your 5-paragraph paper should identify a habit loop, try a modification of the habit for positive change, and explain the results of your attempt.


The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg



  • Interesting hook
  • Brief introduction to The Power of Habit
  • Thesis statement that makes a claim about how habits can be changed

Body Paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1 identifies your habit loop
  • Paragraph 2 identifies your cue, reward, and how you might make changes.
  • Paragraphs 1 and 2 should both have 3 quotes or paraphrases that are effectively set up and explained.
  • Paragraph 3 is your personal story of how the habit change worked referring clearly back to the ideas in the text



  • Restate your thesis in different words
  • Restate main ideas and explain how you might employ habit change in the future
  • End the essay in a logical way. This may be aa call to action, a tie back to your hook, or any other ending that is logical.

Important Notes:

Every time you copy more than three consecutive words from a source, you must cite it. Your essay must be submitted through VeriSign on Canvas. please do not plagiarism

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