Changes in Labor Demographics

Changes in Labor Demographics


For this short paper assignment, analyze one developed market and its current labor policies. Is the market prepared for the change in demographics? If yes, what has it done correctly, and if not, what needs to change?

This submission will be graded with the Module Eight Short Paper Guidelines and Rubricdocument.

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The American society has changed significantly in the twenty-first century, with the majority of the baby boomer generation of employees retiring and leaving their positions to the Generation X and Millennial generations. However, this change in demographics within the labor sector requires appropriate policies to ensure that the incoming management personnel, largely comprised of Generation X, is in a position to lead the companies appropriately based on their existing cultures. Essentially, the current labor policies in the American market support programs which allow younger generations, including the millennial generation, to acclimate appropriately to the existing business culture. Over the next three decades, the majority of the baby boomer generation will retire from active responsibility (Wiedmer, 2015). However, it will be important to maintain the organizational culture within these companies, in which the majority of the employees will now be of the Generation X and millennial populations. However, based on the policies highlighting the need for internship opportunities, and the motivation therein from the revenue earned by the…………

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