Chapter 5: Pages 74-89 “Fallacies of Argument”

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Everything’s an Argument textbook ( reference sections:

Chapter 5: Pages 74-89 “Fallacies of Argument”
Chapter 13: Pages 309-325 “Style in Arguments”

Chapter 17: Pages 395-409 “Finding Evidence”

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refs and cite if applicable

preview of the answer..

“Leave no child behind” is policy slogan that was widely used by President Bush’s administration to increase support for its education reform program. The policy which was backed by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act of 2002 was aimed at improving the quality of education by making schools that receive federal funding to be accountable in terms of enrollment and performance on the standardized test. The logical fallacy in this slogan is that though it may be possible to create a uniform platform for performance, it is practically impossible to have the same level of performance during the assessment. The difference in intellectual capabilities of humans, as well as other factors that influence performance such instructional quality, books, and classroom..

APA 274 words

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