Chapter 6 Discussion Human Computer Interaction

Chapter 6 Discussion Human Computer Interaction

Week 6 – Chapter 6 Discussion

  1. Review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines in the iOS Developer Library at:… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

1) select one guideline that makes perfect sense and seems easy to incorporate into a design, and

2) select another guideline that is much less clear requiring further explanation or analysis to incorporate into a design. Share these ideas with the class on this discussion board and don’t forget to comment on one other student’s post.

 human computer interaction the iOS Human Interface.

Answer Preview…………….

User Control guideline makes perfect sense and is easy to integrate into a design. I clearly understand that although an app may suggest a course or give a warning concerning some dangerous consequences, the app should not decide any matter. A good app is one that allows…………….
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