Chapter VI: Of The Relation Between Public Associations And Newspapers

I want you to write me a summary for this chapter and I you gonna find it in this link

1.Chapter VI: Of The Relation Between Public Associations And Newspapers… half page

2. Chapter V: Of The Use Which The Americans Make Of Public Associations In Civil Life… half page

I’ve attached a file that I need a summary from page 271- 272 which is one paragraph

Also summary from page 314 till 330 one page

preview of the answer..

In essence, this chapter illuminates the importance of public associations in the United States, given that an individual is incapable of preserving his or her freedom single-handedly (Tocqueville & Project Gutenberg, 2006). It implies that this type of unity has the power to limit or offset tyranny. When compared to other countries such as England, America takes a stronger democratic front in terms of the convergence of individuals with a sense of commonness in various undertakings. The various initiatives touch on crucial aspects of the society such as health, education, entertainments and organization unions. The presence of public associations reflects true democracy. There is also a comparison between aristocratic communities and democratic nations and it is apparent that individuals in the former are more stifled because how they act is subject to the few powerful and wealthy..

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