Chicano Historiography

Chicano Historiography

Submit a 50 word summary and answer the questions below

Just follow the link, answer the questions and submit a 50 word summary that’s about it thank you

1. What does Vicky Ruiz say about the Historiography of Chicano history?

2. What are some the new approaches?

3. How do these approaches help us understand Chicano history?

Answer Preview……………….

 There are always different approaches used by scholars to understand a particular culture. The events and experiences of the members of the culture in question always play a critical role in determining the said approach, which explains the diverse methods used in the study of minority and superior groups of the society. Vicki Ruiz (1986) provides an overview of the development in the study of Chicano culture, which has been in line with the development in perceptions of the Chicano culture………………

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