Child Development

Two identical brothers were raised in the same household by parents who strive to treat them equally. One brother grows up to be a successful attorney and the other grows up to be an unemployed petty criminal. in their senior years, the prosperous citizen enjoys tranquil aging with his family and grandchildren while the other dies in despair years earlier. How might a psychologist begin to address this paradox? how do you think Kohlberg, Erikson, Piaget and other development psychologists explain this issue?

Reference with the powerpoint, chapter 10

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Human development undergo series of changes that are age-related in course of a person’s life span. These series of changes occur in stages, that is, a time in the development process in which an individual displays behavioral patterns that are related to that period in development. Also, expression of specific capacities are established during this period. The psychological explanation for the case scenario is that genetic traits has a greater psychosocial influence on the development of children than their shared environmental. An indivdual’s genetic …

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