Child Welfare Issues: Adoption – Outline

Child Welfare Issues: Adoption – Outline

Create a 3–4 page outline of your presentation in a Word document, ensuring that your presentation is appropriately tailored to your target audience, which is the family in the study. You may include images at the end of your outline, but they are not required nor will they count toward your required 3–4 page outline. Use the case study that you chose in Module One from one of the following pages in your textbook: 71, 118, 189, or 241. Be sure to address all critical elements as listed below (I–V). This rough draft should include all of the following sections: Introduction, Resources, Legality, Recommendations, and Communication. Be sure to also include at least three references.

In the paper, you provided a broad examination of the child welfare issue. Now, for the presentation, you will research and select a case study related to the previously selected issue. Your case study must include a family with a child and identify a community. If your case does not identify a community, you may apply your own community or a community of your choice. You will now design a presentation for the family in the study about the specific resources the state and federal Departments of Health and Human Services can provide, as well as those available in the family’s specific community. You will then discuss case-specific laws and guidelines and recommend resources to help navigate them.

this is a continuation of the work that u did last week.

3.5 pgs outline for now

you will do the powerpoint later
Answer preview…………..

Thesis Statement

Parents with substance abuse problem expose their children to the level of abuse and neglect that have tremendous adverse impacts on the proper development. Therefore, children protection services professional that work with this families should consider adoption since it provides the children the alternative family settings that are required for progressing through the various stages of their development without challenges……..

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