Chinese Parenting

Chinese Parenting

Please read this story write a half page summary and a half page analyze. Need double space, must Full pages please.

Just need 2 paragraphs enough, one for summary, one for analyze
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Many people wonder the connection between Chinese successful children and parenting. They do not understand how the parents produce most math whizzes as well as music prodigies. Looking at their academic performance, most individuals desire to know about the family Chua, 2011). Chinese mothers believe that the academic success of their children reflects their success in parenting. They will, therefore, take in nothing less than “As” from their children. They are harsh and do not mind the feelings of their children or how their unkind words impact on them. They believe that children should not make their own choices, but parents make choices and preferences for them. They consider their children strong enough to handle the harsh, abusive words called by their parents when they don’t perform or when they do wrong Chua, 2011)………..

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