Choose one KEY ISSUE as chosen by ASHP and do some background research and learning on the topic.

Choose one KEY ISSUE as chosen by ASHP and do some background research and learning on the topic.


The pharmacy profession is facing a multitude of opportunities and challenges in 2023. For example, ASHP is tracking a myriad of Key Issues on the federal and state levels ( (Links to an external site.)) pushing to advance and reinforce the profession, including

  • 340B
  • Drug Pricing
  • Drug Shortages
  • Health Disparities
  • Hospital at Home
  • Opioids
  • Other Issues
  • Provider Status
  • Residency Funding
  • White Bagging

Legislatively, in FL, the definition of the “Practice of the Profession of Pharmacy,” (see 465.003(13)) dictates the scope of practice and authority for licensed pharmacists in the State. Although this is an operable definition, it is constantly being expanded and may be problematic/self-limiting in certain regards.


  • Choose one KEY ISSUE as chosen by ASHP and do some background research and learning on the topic.
  • Review the defined Practice of the Profession of Pharmacy in FL and determine the level of inclusion/exclusion of they KEY ISSUE.
  • Write a statement for the Key Issue to be added to the definition that allows and supports pharmacy advancement (2 points). Provide a background section on the key issue and include a component on why you choose the issue (personal statement) (2 points). Summarize why you think the issue is important to advance the profession in 2023 and a view of the expected impact on healthcare (2 points). Identify and discuss two potential challenges to implementation (2 points) of your legislative addition. References and adherence to technical information (2 points) should be obliged.

To receive credit assignment must be submitted by Wednesday August 31, 2022 @11:59 pm. The assignment must be typewritten in at least 12 font and should be approximately 500 words (maximum word count 1,000 words)

Technical Information:

  • Assignment is located within Canvas under Assignment
  • Assignment is due Wednesday, August 31th @ 11:59 pm
  • Assignment is individual. Students should work independently to develop original thoughts and ideas
  • Notes, books, videos, handouts and online materials may be used to complete the assignment and references to a maximum of 5 to be included
  • Additional research and expert consultation may be used
  • Plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment and referral to the Student Professional Program for additional sanctions
  • This is assignment is worth 10% of your course grade
  • Discussions not posted before the due date and time will receive a score of zero; no exceptions will be made. Please plan accordingly
  • All posts MUST reference some part of the Statute (FL 465.003 (13)). Please use statutory language in the definition to support your position statements.
  • The assignment must be written out and should be approximately 700 words; maximum word limit 900 words

GRADING (ten points total)

2 points Legislative Statement Provided for Inclusion in Definition

2 points Background and Personal Statement on Key Issue

2 points Importance and Expected impact on Key Issue

2 points Expected Challenges to Implementation

1 point References

1 point Adherence to Technical Information

Requirements: 700 to 900 words total, question ca be answer in small paragraph   |   .doc file

Subject: Health & Medical




(22) “Practice of the profession of pharmacy” includes compounding, dispensing, and consulting concerning contents, therapeutic values, and uses of any medicinal drug; consulting concerning therapeutic values and interactions of patent or proprietary preparations, whether pursuant to prescriptions or in the absence and entirely independent of such prescriptions or orders; and conducting other pharmaceutical services. For purposes of this subsection, the term “other pharmaceutical services” means monitoring the patient’s drug therapy and assisting the patient in the management of his or her drug therapy, and includes reviewing, and making recommendations regarding, the patient’s drug therapy and health care status in communication with the patient’s prescribing health care provider as licensed under chapter 458, chapter 459, chapter 461, or chapter 466, or a similar statutory provision in another jurisdiction, or such provider’s agent or such other persons as specifically authorized by the patient; and initiating, modifying, or discontinuing drug therapy for a chronic health condition under a collaborative pharmacy practice agreement. This subsection may not be interpreted to permit an alteration of a prescriber’s directions, the diagnosis or treatment of any disease, the initiation of any drug therapy, the practice of medicine, or the practice of osteopathic medicine, unless otherwise permitted by law or specifically authorized by s. 465.1865   or s. 465.1895. The term “practice of the profession of pharmacy” also includes any other act, service, operation, research, or transaction incidental to, or forming a part of, any of the foregoing acts, requiring, involving, or employing the science or art of any branch of the pharmaceutical profession, study, or training, and shall expressly permit a pharmacist to transmit information from persons authorized to prescribe medicinal drugs to their patients. The practice of the profession of pharmacy also includes the administration of vaccines to adults pursuant to s. 465.189; the testing or screening for and treatment of minor, nonchronic health conditions pursuant to s. 465.1895 ; and the preparation of prepackaged drug products in facilities holding Class III institutional pharmacy permits. The term also includes the ordering and evaluating of any laboratory or clinical testing; conducting patient assessments; and modifying, discontinuing, or administering medicinal drugs pursuant to s. 465.0125  by a consultant pharmacist.




and you have the link for Key issue , and i would like if you could read the section about opioid and talk about it . in general they are like 5 question, you could made 5nlittle paragraph . in total there got to be between 700 to 900 word

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