choose a socialist country or a capitalist country.

You can choose a socialist country or a capitalist country. In a 2 page essay, please describe the  living conditions.

In your answer, you need to address the following concerns:

1.      Type of Government

2.      Socio-economic conditions

3.      Gender roles

4.      Educational Opportunities

5.      Professional Opportunities

6.      Role of the government in economic sector


Your answer must include the basics of the country you chose.You need to include basic information about the country.

Preview of the answer..

This is nation is commonly referred to as the Republic of South Korea is a sovereign state situated in East Asia. This nation consists southern section of the Korean Peninsula. The nation’s capital is Seoul, and her population according to the latest census report is 50,617,045. Being a developed nation, most of her citizens live in urban areas.

            Just like other democratic nations, South Korea is governed by a constitution that was formulated in 1987. The government is divided into three arms which share power among them. These arms are; the legislature, executive..

APA 614 words


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