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  • This is a course that focuses on the theoretical—the philosophical.For some people who are more practically minded, that is a struggle.Has it been a struggle for you? Why or why not?


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ref and cite this bookGraham, D. (2009). Teaching RedemptivelyBringing Grace and Truth into Your Classroom. New York, NY: Purposeful Design Publications.

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For a long time, Christianity has been all about faith and religion. It has made it very difficult for most of the people to try and relate to it since most of its work relies on the theoretical point of view. Most of the things people know about Christianity is often from the bible which makes it difficult for most practical-minded people to fully relate to the scriptures or believe in the text as well as Christianity as a whole (Graham, 2009). The struggles they have in understanding the course often exists since they are determined to understand how Christianity can live without entirely depending on science. However, it is necessary to ensure that such people understand the importance of Christianity in their lives by allowing them to relate Christianity to other disciplines of academic knowledge and to understand how Christianity is relevant in the world.

It has not been a struggle for me to understand Christianity. Even though people who are more practically-minded may suggest that Christianity conflicts with the academic knowledge of other subjects like science and psychology, it may be vital for them to understand that Christianity has a lot of relations with the subjects. In my understanding, science can be used to uphold and as an illustration of God’s work of creation and to regularly uphold it as an essential aspect of the universe (Graham, 2009). It allows me to understand that even by learning the other subject, it might still be possible to relate them to the works of God as portrayed in the bible……….

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