Class Preparation

1- discuss your usual class preparation. Explain your strengths and weaknesses. Are there difference in the amount of preparation you do for each of your classes? Why? What you will do to better prepare for classes needing more of your attention?

2- how can you become more of an active participant in class? Of the seven tips outlined in the section on class participation, which do you feel you can learn from most? Explain. In what ways would you like to improve your class participation?

3- how do high school and college expectations differ ? How do student’s differ? How do instructor expectations differ ?

4- what did you discover about your learning style preference? How will you strengthen your less preferred learning styles ? How can use your preferred learning styles to make the most out of college?

5- how do classroom expectations compare to actual job expectations?

Please type the questions then put your answers below them, be sure to give full answers with examples.. EVERY ASSIGNMENT IS CRITICAL

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